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Sustainability news in Napa County.

Jason DeRusha_Rev_1Napa County sustainability issues don't often make it to the five o'clock news, but that doesn't mean important things don't happen here. Check back often to stay informed about what's happening in your own backyard.

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City of Napa Plastic Bag Ban

Twenty-seven million of anything is an almost unfathomably large number. But did you know that residents, visitors and businesses in the City of Napa discard approximately 27 million plastic bags each year, according to CalRecycle? Unfortunately, only a small percentage (3% to 5%)) are recycled so most of these 27 million bags end up in our landfills, jam recycling equipment, litter the landscape, pollute our river and creeks, and harm or kill wildlife.

Napa County Housing Element Update

Since its establishment in 1969, California Housing Element Law has mandated that California local governments develop plans to supply housing to residents regardless of income level. In Napa County, 5,100 individuals and families are currently on a waiting list for Section 8 affordable housing. Additionally, the county recently concluded a Farmworker Housing Needs Assessment and learned that than 1,000 units of housing are needed for farmworkers alone.

Legislative Update: Plastic Bag Ordinance

More than 90 cities and counties around the state of California have already taken action to adopt plastic bag ordinances to phase out single-use carryout bags. Napa Valley CanDo, a grassroots community service organization, believes it is time for Napa to do the same. Members of CanDo have been working since 2010 to educate local residents about the environmental damage caused by single-use plastic bags that get into the environment and waste resources.

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