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Sustainability news in Napa County.

Jason DeRusha_Rev_1Napa County sustainability issues don't often make it to the five o'clock news, but that doesn't mean important things don't happen here. Check back often to stay informed about what's happening in your own backyard.

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Clean Energy Choices Coming to Unincorporated Napa County

If you are a resident or business in the unincorporated area of Napa County, be sure to watch your mailbox for more information about MCE Clean Energy, which offers utility customers the choice of 50% to 100% renewable energy as a source of power.

Single-Use Bag Reduction Ordinance

The City of Napa, like cities and counties across the country, is in the process of instituting a plastic bag ban in an effort to prevent pollution and save money. This will reduce litter and waste as well as contamination in recycling and composting programs—in turn, reducing costs to taxpayers in the City of Napa. In addition, the law will improve water quality in our rivers and streams, the Bay, and the ocean by reducing plastic bag pollution.

City of Napa Plastic Bag Ban

Twenty-seven million of anything is an almost unfathomably large number. But did you know that residents, visitors and businesses in the City of Napa discard approximately 27 million plastic bags each year, according to CalRecycle? Unfortunately, only a small percentage (3% to 5%)) are recycled so most of these 27 million bags end up in our landfills, jam recycling equipment, litter the landscape, pollute our river and creeks, and harm or kill wildlife.

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SNC Events and News

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