Have a checkup for your HVAC system every 2 years to make sure it is running efficiently. Be sure to clean the filter monthly during times of peak usage; a dirty filter can significantly reduce the efficiency of your HVAC. Savings: Reduce your energy bill by $100 per year or more!
U.S. Green Building Council


iStock_000004788253Medium_revIt's no surprise that the rising cost of fossil fuels and their environmental impact is driving a global transition toward renewable energy. But if you're feeling a touch of déjà vu, you're not off base – we've done this all before. Our ancestors used whale blubber to light and heat their homes. Then the whale population dwindled and blubber became too costly (plus the whales were dying out), so we switched to kerosene. Later we replaced kerosene with electricity from coal and natural gas, and eventually became dependent on petroleum.

Now the shift is toward renewable energies like solar, wind power, and nuclear. The technologies are still developing, and many are already available with government rebates and energy company incentives to boot. Use this section to learn about the opportunities and decide what makes the most sense for you.

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Partner Profile: Silverado Resort and Spa

In a resort with 390 rooms spread over 1,200 acres, even a job as simple as changing a light bulb takes time. And with incandescent bulbs in each guest room at Silverado Resort and Spa, it was a never-ending job. That is just one of the reasons that in 2013, Dean Luchetta and the engineering team at Silverado began switching out the light bulbs in every guest room to more energy-efficient LED bulbs, reducing labor costs as well as energy costs.

Partner Profile: Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services

It all started with a desire to go solar, but after some research, Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services (NVHADS) realized that the return on an investment in solar panels would take longer than anticipated. The nonprofit would not see initial returns for three to four years—and it would take 14 years to reap more significant savings

Partner Profile: United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay

The solar panels United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay (UCP) recently installed on the roof of its warehouse near the Napa airport are expected to generate about 102,630 kilowatt hours of energy annually—enough each day to power the equivalent of 31 average homes. By generating its own power, the organization will spare the air nearly 45 tons of harmful greenhouse gases annually.

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