Get Rolling After the Shaking and Rattling

Homeowners (of both mobile homes and others) and tenants: If post-quake cleanup has you wondering how you’re going to pay for it all, you may find financial help from PG&E, through the Energy Savings Assistance (ESA) program. The goal of ESA is energy efficiency, but many of the upgrades they offer also target things that you may need to fix after the quake. The ESA program provides income-qualified customers with easy and free solutions, including:

Compact fluorescent lights, caulking, showerheads, minor home repairs 
Replacement of old refrigerators, furnaces and water heaters.
PG&E has asked the Community Housing Opportunities Corporation to implement this program in Napa County. To find out if ESA can work for you, you can read the basics on PG&E’s website, call CHOC at 1-888-541-1711, or check out their website. If you do not qualify for ESA, you may be able to take advantage of another PG&E program with very similar benefits. The CHOC staff can tell you about it.  

Owners of Multifamily Properties: CHOC can work with you at no cost to get the word out to your tenants about these services and to retrofit common areas.  To find out if this makes sense for you, call the CHOC number or email Anna Solorio.  

Small Business and Nonprofit Utility Customers: PG&E’s energy efficiency upgrade rebates might fit nicely with other post-quake repairs you are doing, and save you some money. For a speedy evaluation of which PG&E programs might work, and for help in actually using them without spending a lot of your own time, contact Ashley Roberts, your PG&E Account Representative at 707-326-8120 or Bill Bennett, the Napa County Energy Watch Project Engineer at 707-287-7984.

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