Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program

Do you have 50 or more full-time employees? Employers with more than 50 employees within the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, which includes Napa County, were required to register and offer commuter benefits to employees by September 30, 2014, in order to comply with the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program. Through this program, employers must offer their employees one of four Community Benefit options, which are intended to encourage employees to take transit, vanpool, carpool, bicycle, and walk rather than drive alone to work. 
The pre-tax dollars employees contribute to their transit benefit account are not subject to employer matching FICA and Medicare, which means employers can reduce their payroll taxes by as much as $18 per month for each employee. More employees taking transit means less demand for parking, and commuter benefits are a great way to offer a valuable new employee benefit at no net cost to you.

Employers who do not comply are subject to civil penalties for the enforcement of air pollution control laws under the California Health and Safety Code, including significant daily penalties. Visit and click on Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program for more information and to register for the program.

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