Geeking out on Community Choice Aggregation

The introduction of the MCE Napa County clean energy option is made possible through community choice aggregation (CCA). If you’d like to know more about CCA, we’ve put together some user-friendly resources to help answer questions about CCA programs in general and how a CCA will work in Napa County.

Chances are, if you have questions about community choice energy then others do too. Email your questions about Community Choice energy and we may include them in a future newsletter and use them to help build our own local “frequently asked questions” materials.    

A CCA enables California cities and counties—or groups of cities and counties—to supply electricity to the customers within their borders. Unlike a municipal utility such as the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power or the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, a CCA does not own the transmission and delivery systems (that is, the poles and wires).

Instead, a CCA is responsible for providing the energy commodity (the electrons themselves) to its constituents—which may or may not entail ownership of electricity-generating resources. Read more.

PG&E’s website includes a helpful overview of CCAs, including a Frequently Asked Questions document.   

LEAN Energy US (Local Energy Aggregation Network) is a nonprofit, membership organization dedicated to the accelerated expansion and competitive success of clean energy CCA nationwide. Resources include What is a CCA, information about energy regulations and CCAs in California, and more. 

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