"Include the Food" Composting Program

Food scraps typically make up over 26 percent of what households throw away, but now Napa city and countyresidents can put their food scraps in their brown compost cart along with yard waste. Many customers have received a SureClose kitchen pail by now, but they continue to be distributed. Using a compostable bag or a newspaper liner in your kitchen container helps keep it clean. Click here for a list of local options for buyingfood_composting_pail_300x268 compostable bags and here is a list of certified compostable bags (the pail can use any 3 gallon or less certified compostable bag). 

If all Napa Recycling & Waste Services household customers composted 520 lbs. – which is the average per household per year – that would be almost 7,000 tons per year of organics no longer wasted in landfills. When compostable materials end up in landfills, they generate methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Napa’s compost facility instead turns this valuable material into organic compost, which in turn, builds soil nutrients, conserves water, and reduces the need for fertilizers, when used in landscape and agriculture. It’s easy to see how composting will significantly reduce what we send to the landfill. Click here to learn more about the new curbside food composting program and what you can compost – which may surprise you.

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