Sustainable Groundwater Management in Napa County

The Voluntary Groundwater Level Monitoring Program measures groundwater elevation twice per year (spring and fall) to help ensure the ongoing sustainability of our groundwater resources. Fall measurements are currently underway and will improve the understanding of groundwater for the County. A comprehensive network of privately owned volunteer wells, along with publicly owned wells, are providing a greater understanding of Napa County aquifers. The program continues to be strengthened by expanding the voluntary well network to areas where data has been lacking or nonexistent. A new self-monitoring program is also being developed to help well owners interested in monitoring their own wells. This program is expected to get underway by early 2016 with a training workshop and portable monitors available for check-out from the County. For more information, Annual GW Monitoring Reports and interim updates are available on the groundwater website and this year’s annual update will be provided to the Board of Supervisors in early 2016.

In addition to groundwater monitoring, Napa County is also developing a Groundwater Sustainability Plan-Alternative (GSP-A), or Groundwater Basin Analysis, for the Napa Valley sub-basin. Its purpose is to demonstrate the continued sustainability of our groundwater and to address requirements of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). While the State won’t complete its final SGMA regulations until June 2016, Napa County felt that it was important to begin working now to maintain the momentum from the work of the Groundwater Resources Advisory Committee and recent groundwater studies. As a result, Napa County’s GSP-A will be completed and submitted to the State by January 1, 2017, well ahead of the 2022 deadline for most Groundwater Sustainability Plans. Along with this effort, the County will continue a community dialogue and education/outreach on groundwater through the Watershed Information & Conservation Council (WICC) as well as its partnership with the Resource Conservation District (RCD). Through these efforts the County can also explore options for the creation of a future Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA).

Information on Groundwater and Watersheds in Napa County

Watershed Information Center & Conservancy (WICC) has information on Napa County’s watershed and groundwater programs, groundwater level conditions updates, or volunteering your well for inclusion in the monitoring program.

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