Local businesses and organizations recognized for outstanding waste reduction practices

Local recycling heroes were recently celebrated at a combined Napa City & County Recycling Leadership Awards ceremony. Recognized for outstanding waste reduction and recycling practices, every awardee demonstrated a commitment to recycling, composting, and waste reduction by expanding or upgrading their “in-house” programs in 2015. The City’s awards are named the JD Fullner Recycling Leadership Awards in honor of a beloved and dedicated city employee who was a virtual local institution and worked directly with Napa businesses, schools, and apartment complexes on their recycling programs for 11 years before passing away in late 2012.

  • Salvador Elementary School – Through the hard work and excellent effort of students, staff, and parents, Salvador Elementary School successfully launched its food composting program this past year and is joining the ranks as the newest winner of this award. 
  • Napa Valley Language Academy (NVLA) – A six-time winner, NVLA is greatly committed to waste reduction and environmental education. The school has fostered a culture of environmental stewardship through solid recycling and food composting programs, as well as through annual tours of the recycling and composting facility by students. Students have organized together to form the “Green Scouts” whose mission it is to use peer education to help support one another in minimizing their impact on the planet. 
  • Blue Oak School – A five-time winner, Blue Oak School continues to lead in waste reduction through well-maintained recycling and composting stations throughout its campus and classrooms.
  • Mt. George International School – A two-time winner, Mt. George continues to maintain an excellent recycling and food composting program through clear signage and a dedicated staff devoted to waste reduction. Working closely with city staff, the school has created a model recycling and food composting program that will serve as a source of inspiration for other schools throughout the city.
  • New Technology High School – A two-time winner, New Tech High remains consistent and strong in its recycling and food composting program. As the school prepares our future leaders for their coming college experiences, it also helps to instill a much-needed sense of environmental stewardship that students can integrate into their future fields of study.
Multi-Family Dwellings
  • Jefferson Street Senior Housing – This site has successfully launched a food composting program to pair with an outstanding recycling program. Working closely with city and NRWS staff, Jefferson Street Senior Housing created a venue for bilingual education for all tenants who wanted to opt in to participate in the food composting program, which many tenants did enthusiastically. 
  • The Table – The Table has consistently worked to ensure a successful food composting and recycling program. It plans to use the prize money to continue its mission of providing free nutritious meals to the most vulnerable members of the Napa community.
  • Cope Family Center – Cope Family Center has worked hard to become a Napa County Certified Green Business and has done so through an excellent food composting and recycling program. The Center is thinking of using the money for reusable water bottles and tote bags for its staff, and may also plan a staff trip to the recycling and composting plant in the future.
  • Ben & Jerry’s Napa – Ben & Jerry’s has gone above and beyond expectations by not only having an incredible food composting and recycling program, but also becoming an official vendor for compostable bags to help ensure access in the downtown area. It is extra steps like these that speak volumes of the leadership present in our community.
  • Embassy Suites Napa Valley – Having recently won an award internally for its good stewardship, Embassy Suites continues to strive in its efforts in waste reduction. The hotel has been excellent and consistent in its recycling program for well over three years, and has created a successful food composting program.
  • Red Rock Café & Back Door BBQ – Red Rock Café has shown dedication to waste reduction and to preventing resources from entering the landfill. The restaurant has maintained a clean recycling program free of contamination and has applied this ethic to a successful food composting program.
  • Napa Electric – Napa Electric has shown true environmental dedication by ensuring that it is having a minimal impact on materials entering the landfill. In addition to a successful recycling program, Napa Electric has voluntarily participated in the retail fluorescent lighting recycling program for the past five years. Along with four other local retail partners in the City of Napa, the program has recycled over 50,000 mercury-containing CFLs/tubes weighing over 10 tons in that five-year period.
  • The Historic Napa Mill – The Historic Napa Mill Complex has a successful recycling and food composting program that is supported by the collaborative efforts of the following businesses:
  • Angèle Restaurant & Bar, Napa General Store, Sweetie Pies, Celadon, Silo’s, and Napa River Inn. Napa River Inn has stated that it plans to award the prize to Jeff and Rafael, two staff who deal with their recycling and compactor room every week.  

Recycling Leaders in the County of Napa

  • Bistro Don Giovanni –  The restaurant updated its exterior lighting and outdoor setup for better sorting and improved the interior program setup with new equipment and signage, resulting in more successful recycling and composting
  • BottleRock Napa Valley – Event producers Latitude 38 Productions partnered with ZeroHero event services, Sustainable Napa County, the Napa Valley Expo, and Napa Recycling, and improved diversion rate from 39 to 65 percent, with over 50 tons of material recycled or composted instead of going to the landfill.
  • Chimney Rock Winery – The winery set up a food composting program, improved recycling, and held trainings with cellar crew, office staff, and tasting room staff.
  • Etude Wines – A three-time winner, Etude and its staff continually work to improve its successful recycling and composting program, and recertified in the Green Winery program this year.
  • Napa Valley CanDo – Leading the way on community-based waste reduction education and solutions in Napa County, CanDo spearheaded the plastic bag ban, which quickly led to a 50 percent plus reduction in plastic bag waste at the Napa Recycling & Composting Facility. They offer ongoing community education with the “Compost Corner” column in their newsletter and coordinate regular tours of the recycling facility for Napa County residents. Always looking at new projects, CanDo is working on a foam reduction ordinance in the next year.
  • Nova Group, Inc. – A four-time winner, Nova Group continues to make recycling and composting a priority and has developed an employee training “game” that is now being shared with other local businesses.
  • Signorello Estate – This winery rolled out food composting, increased recycling, and scheduled staff training with NCRWS, enabling it to reduce trash service and save money on its monthly bill.
  • Silverado Resort and Spa – The resort is the most-awarded business, winning for the eighth time this year. (They might be running out of space for all of their melted bottle awards!) Silverado Resort is the largest consistent generator of recycling and composting, with over 80 percent of the resort’s waste stream recycled and composted, setting an example for other restaurants, hotels, and resorts in Napa County and beyond.

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