Spare the Air - The Napa Valley Clean Air Coalition has established the second car-free tourism project in California. The Napa Valley Car Free website is designed to help visitors to the Napa Valley find more environmentally friendly ways to tour. The site promotes use of van services, biking and walking. The website helps promote tourism to the Napa Valley while also reducing the amount of congestion in the Valley. Growing traffic congestion in the Valley threatens the very vineyards that tourists come to see.

The Napa Valley Clean Air Coalition worked with the Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency, supporting the Agency’s Major Employers’ Summit on Employee Commuting, February 22, 2008. This event brought together 26 major Napa employers to learn about Napa’s transportation future and hear from guest speakers from Clif Bar, V. Sattui Winery and Yahoo! about their successful employee commute programs. The Clean Air coalition is offering incentives for Napa employers who wish to start new vanpools from their worksites. Click here to keep reading.

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