Spare some cash, and the air. Shop online.

Michael Bloch, Green Living Tips - I was thinking back to childhood and how whenever we were looking to purchase an appliance or similar, we would flit from store to store and mall to mall to find the best product at the best price - burning up gas and cranking out all sorts of nasty stuff from the car exhaust as we went. It was just what we did back then as we didn't have a great deal of easy access to information on products. These days, with the advent of the Internet, all the products you need are just a click away - you can buy just about anything online.

During the recent gas price spike, many major stores have reported losses in their "bricks and mortar" outlets (they physical ones), yet their online sales have blossomed.

I've been involved with ecommerce and online marketing for many years now, so I guess I'm somewhat biased - but I really believe that shopping online instead of via bricks and mortar stores is not only cheaper, but a more earth friendly option.

Saving gas and emissions

For example, recently we just about ran out of a natural athritis treatment for one of our dogs. It's winter over here at present and this treatment really worked in alleviating pain for Niki the Wonderdog.

We could have jumped in our 1.6 ton car and made the special trip to the place that stocked the stuff we needed, but I found it on eBay - and it was $20 cheaper even with delivery! Read the rest here.

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