Make Your Community Bike Friendly

Steps to Make Your Community More Bicycle-friendly.

If you want your community to be more bicycle-friendly, but don't think it's quite ready to be nominated for the League's BFC award status, there are some simple steps you and your community can take.

1. Committing to becoming a BFC

It's clear from the communities that have been designated as BFC's that political commitment to change is critical. We also know there are a number of actions a community can take that will have a dramatic impact on conditions for bicycling. The Action Plan for Bicycle Friendly Communities combines a list of ten of those steps with an equal number of policy reasons why your Mayor or County Executive should make the commitment to becoming more bicycle friendly.

Ask your Mayor or County Executive (or equivalent) to sign the Action Plan as a demonstration of their commitment. Return the signed Action Plan to the League by fax to (202) 822-1334 or by mail to 1612 K Street NW, Suite 800; Washington, DC 20006.

2. Learning how to become more bicycle-friendly

Having made the commitment to becoming more bicycle friendly, chances are your Mayor or their staff person is going to say, “OK, so what do we do next?”

We recommend you organize a “ Bicycle Friendly Community Workshop ” in your community. Developed by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this four-hour workshop introduces community leaders to the basic elements of a bicycle friendly community. The workshop includes a practical walkabout or bike ride and concludes with the adoption of a short- term action plan to get things moving.

League staff helped develop the workshop materials and train instructors around the country who are able to lead the workshop. To find out more about the course and to locate an instructor near you, please review the brochure or contact…. To download materials used during the workshop, cclick here.

The workshop makes good use of the bikeability checklist , a simple, easy-to-use tool that you can use to develop greater awareness of the issue that affect bicyclists. Download the checklist at

Find out how to implement the action plan here.

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