Drought Resistant Gardening

By Sophia Sanchez - Drought resistant gardens offer every benefit, if not more, of a traditional garden. Just like a traditional garden, the plants you would use provide hardy foliage, bountiful blooms and a quiet retreat in your yard. In addition, you will find that a drought resistant garden is easier and costs less to maintain, is an eco-conscious choice because it does not require regular watering, and is a great option for those who vacation throughout summer.

If you are looking to create a drought resistant garden for any of the above reasons or if you live in a dry area that is prone to drought there are several plants for you to create a beautiful garden with. With just a couple initial preparations and modifications you can easily create an environment that will flourish with the right plants.

The following are plants that able to survive in a wide range of soil types with limited amounts of water as well as several tips for planting a successful drought resistant garden that will thrive.

To limit evaporation and moisture loss as much as possible you will want to plant a large bush, shrub, or small tree in the garden. Center the tree or shrub as much as possible so it shades different parts of the garden throughout the day. Some great choices that are drought resistant are Bottlebrush, Christ Thorn, Kerria Japonica, and Japanese Quince. Bottlebrush is a great option because it provides bright, large blooms and a wonderful scent throughout the summer. Christ thorn will give you cheery yellow blooms all season long and then bright fruit in the fall. Click here to keep reading.

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