3 Green Travel Tips

From CNN - Take steps to reduce your carbon footprint whether you are commuting to work or taking a vacation.

1) Don't drive alone:

We don't advocate picking up hitch-hikers, but car-share schemes and car pools are good ways to get the most out of your car journey.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, if every car carried one more passenger during its daily commute, 32 million gallons of gasoline would be saved each day. Fact: The average car produces 4500 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions per annum. (Australian Department of the Environment).

2) Walk or cycle when you can:

You don't need to be told about the obvious health benefits, but walking or cycling can give you greater benefits, like providing time to think or relax or unwind while doing a gentle activity. You also engage more with the place where you live.

3) Don't fly if you don't have to:

Many environmental groups call aviation the biggest climate killer, while those in the aviation industry say they only produce 4 percent of global CO2 emissions.

Either way, flying pollutes and the best thing you can do is take responsibility for your own carbon footprint from flying. Fact: A return trip from London to Hong Kong creates 2,810 kilos of carbon dioxide. (Source: climatecare.org)

See the article on CNN here.

Travel by train consumes less CO2 than flying and can often mean using less intermediate transport like cars or taxis as stations tend to be in city centers.

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