Become a Storm Drain Ranger

Kids for the Bay - The Storm Drain Rangers Program is designed to educate students in
Alameda County from grades 3-5 to reduce storm water pollution.
Students learn through hands-on investigations about watersheds,
bay-creek-ocean connections, urban runoff pollution and storm water
pollution prevention in a program consisting of three lessons:

1. Our Watershed
2. Taking Action For A Healthy Watershed
3. Becoming a Storm Drain Ranger

The Storm Drain Rangers Program is also a teacher training program.
The activities are modeled for the teacher in the classroom with the
students. Both a curriculum guide and an equipment kit are provided to
classroom teachers to teach the program to future students. Continuing
Education Credit Units are available through our partnership with Cal
State East Bay.

Students Become Local Storm Drain Rangers By:
• making a pledge to reduce storm drain pollution
• educating their families to make the same pledge
• becoming a leader in their neighborhood to reduce pollution.

Learn more about this program and Kids for the Bay here.

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