Green Maps

Explore unique Green Maps from hundreds of diverse cities, towns and villages in over 50 countries. Preview our perspective-changing interactive Open Green Map, too. You are invited to take part and support us as we chart a sustainable future!

Green Map® System promotes inclusive participation in sustainable community development worldwide, using mapmaking as our medium.

We support locally-led Green Map projects as they create perspective-changing community ‘portraits’ which act as comprehensive inventories for decision-making and as practical guides for residents and tourists. Mapmaking teams pair our adaptable tools and universal iconography with local knowledge and leadership as they chart green living, ecological, social and cultural resources.

Over 350 unique, vibrant Green Maps have published to date, and hundreds more have been created in classrooms and workshops by youth and adults. Both the mapmaking process and the resulting Green Maps have tangible effects that:

  • Strengthen local-global sustainability networks
  • Expand the demand for healthier, greener choices
  • Help successful initiatives spread to even more communities

Green Map System has been developed collaboratively since 1995, and the movement has spread to over 500 cities, towns and villages in 54 countries. Along with our network of regional hubs and community-led Green Map projects, we share the award-winning outcomes through Mapmakers profiles, photo albums, our blog, newsletters, organizational booklet and through Green Map books and media productions, workshops and other public presentations.

See San Francisco's Green Map

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