One Man's Trash

James A. Bacon, Bacon's Rebellion - The idea sounds so outrageous that one is tempted to dub it Fitch’s Folly. George Fitch, the promotional genius behind the Jamaican bobsled team, the tax-cutting mayor of Warrenton and the erstwhile 2005 Republican candidate for governor, has set a new goal for himself: to make his town of some 5,000 inhabitants “energy independent” within the near future.

Warrenton has no source of coal, oil or natural gas. It has no special hydroelectric potential. It is blessed with no surfeit of sunlight to power photovoltaics, no cornucopia of corn to convert to ethanol, no bounty of breezes to run wind turbines. No, this picturesque burg set amidst the rolling hills and horse farms of Fauquier County, has nothing that thousands of other small towns dotting the American countryside have. Nothing, that is, but the restless, creative energy of George Fitch. Click here for the rest of the article.

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