Teens Turning Green

The next generation has the power to bring about change.

Teens Turning Green is a national movement of youth transforming the world by investigating and eliminating toxic exposures in daily lives, schools and communities, advocating for change in policy and habits to protect our health, and educating peers and the community about greener alternatives. Through collaborative change, these young leaders inspire us all to work toward healthy people and a sustainable future. 

Learn about Project Green Dorm; Teens for Safe Cosmetics; and how to start your own local chapter of Teens Turning Green and more...

The goal is to inform teens about an all-encompassing eco-lifestyle through peer to peer education and outreach programs. Through national outreach events, powerful legislative advocacy in state capitols and educational forums, Teens Turning Green has engaged thousands of teens, teachers and community members and activated them protecting their right to health. Through youth mentorship and leadership training the organization supports companies that are doing right by body and planet and partner with like-minded groups and individuals to raise awareness about potentially harmful exposures. 

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