Family Winery and Farm

Clif Family Winery and Farm
Clif Family Winery and Farm practices organic farming in all its vegetable gardens, fruit and olive orchards, and vineyards. The family-owned business obtains its ingredients for its Bruschetteria food truck from local suppliers, and its Napa Valley ranch. Clif Family Winery and Farm utilizes reusable and compostable service ware at the Bruschetteria food truck and all the kitchen waste is composted. The farm utilizes the Deep Green program by MCE Clean energy to power its administrative office, tasting room, and farm properties. Deep Green allows the Clif Family Winery and Farm to get sufficient power from solar power, biogas, and non-polluting wind, eliminating the use of non-eco-friendly sources of power. The farm is Napa Green Certified, Food Alliance Certified, and CCOF Certified. As part of the winery’s commitment to sustainable practices, they recently launched the Office Green Up Task Force (sponsored by Quick Collect) as a measure to find ways to recycle, utilize less energy, and minimize paper waste every day.

Trefethen Family Vineyards
This vineyard waters its vineyard with recycled water and solely uses solar power for its operation. Once the tanks and barrels are cleaned, the water is recycled to water the vineyards. This ensures that there is minimal waste. The winery also has an Integrated Pest Management System where bluebirds and bats manage insects, while owl boxes are used to combat rodents. Also, all seeds and grape skins are composted and recycled in the vineyard. Trefethen Family Vineyards conducts soil moisture checks throughout the vineyard to make the best decisions on the most ideal time for irrigation. To ensure that nothing goes to waste, and also as a show of gratitude, Trefethen Family Vineyards distributes all the excess produce to employees.

Domaine Carneros
Founded in 1987, Domaine Carneros tries to live on the land as lightly as possible. Eileen Crane, the founder, and CEO of Domaine Carneros has ensured that the winery continues to adhere to sustainable practices through the years. Early on Crane realized that sustainable practices are a good business model for both economical and philosophical reasons. The winery has received various certifications and is Napa Green Certified, Sustainable Certified, and Fish Friendly Certified. Domaine Carneros has also been awarded the California Green Medal Business Award for implementing innovative, efficient, cost-saving, and sustainable practices. In 2003, Domaine Carneros grabbed the headlines after installing the world’s largest solar collection (of a winery). The winery also has a packaging reuse program with a 20 to 25% annual reuse rate. Recycling and composting practices help divert 90% of the winery’s solid waste. Other sustainable practices by Domaine Carneros include feeding local cattle using diverted grape pomace and the use of owl boxes to tackle the menace of rodents.

Miner Family Winery
For a long time, the vision of Miner Family Winery was for the land to be powered solely using solar energy. This dream was actualized in 2008 after the inauguration of the photovoltaic system. The winery’s array is one of Napa Valley’s largest installations to date and helps balance the natural landscape’s aesthetics and environmental respect.