American Canyon Welcomes its First Sustainability Coordinator

Sierra Minchaca has joined the City of American Canyon as its first sustainability coordinator. Previously, she worked for the City of Napa for four years, first as a recycling assistant, then as a recycling specialist, where she managed the implementation and monitoring of composting and recycling for all of the private and public schools within the city.

In her new position, Sierra is working on water conservation and energy efficiency programs in American Canyon. She works with residents on the City’s Cash For Grass and toilet retrofit rebate programs, and with commercial customers converting their irrigation systems to recycled water. Sierra is also working with businesses to convert solid waste and increase recycling.

“I’m still coming up to speed with a lot of the programming,” said Sierra, “Recycling, water conservation, and energy efficiency are all aspects of resource conservation; they each have their own set of regulations and management practices that need to be properly executed and monitored. I’m continuing to learn everything I can, and I am incredibly excited to be here and a part of all of the awesome conservation practices taking place in American Canyon.”

Sierra serves as the chair of the Environmental Education Coalition of Napa County (EECNC), which presents the annual Earth Day event. EECNC also hosts a film series (the next movie is Watermark on Thursday, July 27).

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