BottleRock Achieves Record Landfill Diversion

Congratulations to BottleRock Napa Valley with support from ZeroHero for achieving 75 percent landfill diversion for the first time in the event’s history. The event generated 225 total tons of material, up about 80 tons from last year, but still managed to send 10 tons less to landfill than in 2016. In addition to an increase in recycling amounts, there were nearly 20 tons of material that went to composting, and 10 pallets of edible food were gleaned by a Leadership Napa Valley practicum group and distributed to local organizations including the Food Bank and The Table.

84.82 tons recycling
19.32 tons compost
7.50 tons food rescue
56.86 tons wood recycling (to renewable energy)
56.90 tons landfill

Results: 75% diversion rate

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