What is this danger? Watch Sustainable Napa County’s newest video and find out. While the video is light-hearted, the topic is serious. Visit SNC’s water conservation page to learn more about ways you can save water - and save money - by making your lawn disappear and replacing thirsty turf with water wise and drought tolerant plants, changing out old sprinklers for drip irrigation, and getting connected to water efficiency and conservation tips and resources for your yard, garden, and home.
Date: Sep 28th, 2015
MyEnergy is your one stop energy resource. With MyEnergy will show you how and when you use energy so you can manage it. Watch this one minute video to find out how you can start saving energy and saving money.
Date: Jun 11th, 2015
It is fitting that the word story is part of word history. Sustainable Napa County's story wouldn't be complete without sharing more about how we got here. And it wouldn't be as meaningful if we didn't shine the light on those who helped make SNC the organization it is today. We are grateful that the Gasser Foundation continues to invest in the work SNC is doing to make our economy stronger, our environment healthier and our communities more connected. In this installment you will hear more about the formation of SNC as well as the history of the Gasser Foundation and the people behind it. Here's how it all began... Produced by Sonoma Film Works
Date: May 15th, 2013
Sustainable Napa County (SNC) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that started as an initiative of the Gasser Foundation in 2007. SNC believes that together we can make our economy stronger, our environment healthier, and our communities more connected. Hear more about how we are doing this - straight from local business and community leaders.
Date: May 2nd, 2013

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