Your Community in Action

Get inspired by what's already been accomplished right here in Napa County. Your neighbors are making choices that support sustainability and are seeing results. Those choices don't have to be difficult or grand, and they don’t have to cramp your style. Even little changes can make a big difference. If you have a success story of your own that you’d like us to consider sharing, please send us an email to

  • Napa Green Winery and Napa County Green Business

    The Napa Green Winery and Napa County Green Business programs help businesses and wineries countywide implement environmental practices that are sustainable as well as profitable Read more

  • Cope Family Center

    Imagine finding out that implementing a few simple actions could reduce your carbon footprint by seven tons per year—the equivalent of planting 196 trees. And better yet, what if those same actions could also save you several thousand dollars annually on energy bills and provide a significant credit from PG&E for reducing consumption? Read more

  • Napa Valley Community Housing

    When you think about community housing for low-income residents, you do not necessarily envision a green building with an emphasis on energy efficiency. However, when Napa Valley Community Housing (NVCH) developed Arroyo Grande Villas, they took the lead in implementing an environmental responsibility program that now serves as a model for all housing, not just affordable housing. Read more

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