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Agendas and Minutes:


Napa County Climate Action Plan

The County of Napa is currently developing a Climate Action Plan (CAP). The CAP is intended to quantify and reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions in unincorporated Napa County, and its adoption would implement an “action item” from the County’s 2008 General Plan Update. Follow the project and stay updated on workshops, public meetings, and opportunities to comment and provide input. Read more


Workforce Alliance of the North Bay

A new partnership between Napa, Lake, and Marin Counties, the Workforce Alliance aligns the workforce system with education and economic development. The goal is to improve the quality of the workforce, increase economic self-sufficiency, meet skills requirements of employers, and enhance productivity and competitiveness. Read more


CA Senate Bill 32

SB32 continues the efforts of the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, which originally passed to reduce greenhouse gas emission levels to 1990 levels by 2020. With the extension, in addition to reaching the 2020 goal, California will further reduce these emissions by an extra 40 percent by 2030. Read more

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